Brain Dynamics Research Program

As a scientific research hub, the Brain Dynamics laboratory provides new opportunities for CCSN members interested in high-density EEG data collection. CCSN supports EEG/ERP research by Center members by providing the equipment, technical training and support, and supply costs.  The Brain Dynamics Laboratory has been established to support this initiative at the University of Chicago.

Researchers, who would like to perform scientific projects at the Brain Dynamics Laboratory, should complete and submit the following forms:



Details about application procedure and review process can be found in the page below:


Application forms need to be submitted to  by the 15th of each month to permit time for the Review Committee to complete their reviews before Review Committee meets.

When submitting your application forms, please also include a copy of the appproval letter you received from IRB.

When emailing your forms, please include your initials and date in your file name (e.g., XX_HPapplicationform_82514.doc).

One CCSN financial study form needs to be filled out by the Principal Investigator and emailed to the Brain Dynamics lab director (, at least three weeks before the beginning of the study.

This form will be reviewed by the Brain Dynamics Lab Director, and needs to be approved before you can start scanning any participants.


Once your application has been received, you will receive an e-notice of reception within 48 hours. If you don't receive it, please contact

Then, you will be invited to present your research project in person at one of the Brain Dynamics Scientific Review Committee Review Sessions.

The Brain Dynamics Scientific Review Committee reviews research projects from 1:00-3:00 pm each first Monday of the month.

The goal of the Brain Dynamics Scientific Review Committee is mainly to clarify the feasibility, design and resources needed to your research project - that is, to make constructive suggestions and to ensure adherence to the technical procedures required of studies in the Brain Dynamics Laboratory. 


Each research project presentation should be 10 minutes maximum with discussion, and concern only one single study (not a whole research program), if possible, with 1-2 Powerpoint slides for each of the following points:

  • Title, principal investigator, EEG operator, collaborators, IRB#
  • Brief background and previous scientific studies
  • Preliminary data, if any 
  • Aims of current study
  • Experimental design, conditions, outline and number of trials
  • Technical parameters (e.g., EEG number of trials, timing)
  • Sample size
  • Data collection stopping rule
  • Methods of analyses, planned comparisons (e.g. Contrasts)
  • Predictions (e.g. timing, and brain areas activated in respective conditions)